2.5 % Retinol Cream with Vitamin E and B2

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Why Does Your Skin Need RETINOL? 

The reason Retinol (otherwise known as Vitamin A) is so effective at preventing skin aging is because scientific research has clearly demonstrated its benefits. In general, Retinol acts as a sort of skin cell hypnotist, because it attaches to almost any skin cell and convinces it to behave like a younger, healthy skin cell. Retinol also works as an antioxidant, which can prevent free radicals and increase collagen production; it can also reduce existing wrinkles, fight acne, unclog pores, strengthen aging skin, and repair sun-damaged skin. These benefits will give you better facial skin, clear your face, reduce face lines and red cheeks, as well as fight and prevent aging skin. Best retinol cream.

Retinol certainly has a great reputation, but what's important is the fact that these conclusions are based upon scientific, peer-reviewed experimentation. In one experiment, consisting of elderly (average age of 87) subjects, scientists applied Retinol-based lotion to one arm and non-Retinol lotion on the subject's other arm. After this time concluded, the University of Michigan Medical School dermatologists concluded that, Retinol "improves fine wrinkles associated with natural aging... Retinol-treated aged skin is more likely to withstand skin injury and ulcer formation along with improved appearance." This study continued as authority on the subject within the dermatology field after it was conducted. Best retinol cream.

Our retinol is in a UV ray safe blue glass bottle to protect the retinol, and an air tight pump to keep it potent. Retinol sold in jars exposes it to air which causes it to break down after time! Our Retinol Cream contains 1% retinol, which makes our formula effective at combating signs of aging, while still being gentle as not to cause skin irritation.

Avoid Retinol Creams with parabens, colorings such as yellow10, and other unnecessary chemicals that can cause cancer and breakouts! True You's Retinol Cream is ORGANIC and good for your skin! Best retinol cream!




(Comes in 1oz bottle)


Disclaimer: Results may vary for each individual.


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