Using facial cleansers/washes -

Why Do You Need a Facial Cleanser/ Face Wash?


Facial cleansing is an important part of the daily ritual to maintain beautiful and young looking skin. Therefore, a cleanser must be chosen with extreme delicacy and used regularly. Select a cleanser focusing on proper skin type (for normal, oily, dry, combination or mature one). Choose a separate cosmetic product to remove eye makeup.

An important factor is the form of the cleansing agent, as it acts all over  epidermis.

A Gel is preferred for an oily skin type, as it contains no oil. Detergent components without enhancing pH levels are quite soft, so they do not over-dry the skin. Most gels contain micro capsules with various "useful" components and micro particles for peeling.

A Facial milk is a great choice for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It perfectly cleanses the face of impurities and provides thorough care at the same time. This liquid consistency is much fatter than foam, mousse and gel.

A Foam and a mousse are characterized by gentleness to the skin. Choosing a remedy, carefully read the user manual. Some foams provide a dry effect and suit better for oily skin, while others are designed for sensitive and dry skin, hence contain many moisturizing, softening components. The universal mousses and foams exist as well.

A Cream is an airy, well-foaming structure. This soft formula is suitable for almost any skin and cleanses from dirt and makeup. This is a delicate option, it immediately turns into a fluffy foam with a drop of water.

An Oil (two-phase cleanser) suits for dry or mature skin. The product consists of two seemingly incompatible components - a plant oil and water base. Before applying shake it well and remove makeup with a cotton pad. It is often applied to remove water-resistant makeup.

9 Top Face washing Tips:

1 Do not wash more than twice a day. It leads to skin dehydration, makes it vulnerable, sensitive, and most importantly - provokes excessive grease production.
2 Not cleansing is a bad idea. If you deprive the skin of water treatments, it will quickly lose healthy color and vitality, become tired and flabby.
3  Use only high-quality soft water.
4 Always wash off eye makeup with the gentlest means: milk, cream, water.
5 Washing the face, touch the skin with gentle massage movements, do not stretch the skin, avoid excessive pressure or friction.
6 When using a facial cleanser, wait 2 minutes to remove all dirt from the skin thoroughly.
7 Remember that the cleansing and moisturizing products (tonic) differ a lot. Special tonics, gels and foams are designed to remove contaminations.
8 Cleanse dry skin by hands, and greasy (combined) ones with a special cloth or sponge.
9 If your skin looks tired, refresh it with mineral (thermal) water. In the evening wet towel in mineral water, put a compress on your face and relax for 15 minutes. Your skin will get noticeably better.

Take thorough care of your face, it will short the time for make-up, will add an extra hour to the morning sleep, give an appearance of youth and freshness that will always improve your daily mood.