Best way to use foundation -

Best Way to use Foundation

Why do you need it?

To align the face color, hide minor blemishes and get a perfect surface for the next layer of makeup, you`d better use a make-up foundation. It is not an obligatory stage in makeup, but it considerably facilitates this process allowing to avoid spots from blush and shadow. A foundation is especially recommended for problematic skin.

The types of foundation:

Foundation is applied over a day cream, under the tone, and comes in several types.

- Liquid transparent foundation (fluid) lies well on the skin, creating a light coating with a moisturizing effect. This one makes the skin matte and evens the complexion. Such foundation is suitable for young skin or skin almost without defects, as it contains a little powder and pigments and hides only minor flaws.

- Creamy bases contain many powders and pigments, so they perfectly conceal skin imperfections, almost completely obscuring all the spots, veins, freckles, etc.

- The gel base is suitable for oily and porous skin. It does not permit the tonal resources to accumulate in enlarged pores, allowing the skin to "breathe" freely.

- A firm foundation is recommended for problematic skin with small defects. It forms a dense coating on the skin, helping to hide scars and stains.

- Shimmering foundation gives a skin a fresh and radiant appearance. It contains optical pigments and shimmering pearlescent particles that scatter light in different directions. Due to this foundation the skin looks perfect.

- A base containing drugs can trigger allergies in sensitive skin, so organic or natural foundations would be the safest choice. There is a special basis for the eyes under the shadows like a pen or semi-cream. They mask and clarify under-eye circles.

Best way to use foundation:

It is better to buy a few bases. Use a light, flesh-colored base for day makeup, and more dense one in the evening. The foundation must match the natural tone of the face. At the same time it can adjust the color of the skin. Red spots may be camouflaged by the beige foundation. Light pink base revives the pale skin.

The foundation should be applied sparingly and evenly. It should be put to the skin easily. Do not creep it, otherwise the skin may be stained. It is necessary to use a moisturizer before its application. If the skin is  dry and flaky, you must first grease it with a heavy cream, then a light moisturizer, and only in a few minutes it is foundation`s queue.

The best way to apply a basis is to use fingers or a sponge. A very thin layer is better. Initially, the foundation should be applied to the middle of the forehead and spread in a circular motion over the entire surface of the forehead to the hairline. Then, starting from the temple, apply foundation on the cheeks towards the ears, on the eyelids to the eyebrows, under the eyes, on the lips, chin, neck. Thereafter apply a bit of basis on both sides of the nose and evenly distribute over its entire surface. Don`t forget to check the foundation through over the face and neck, and, if necessary, carefully remove any excess.

A foundation can be imposed in a different way: "dot" it on the cheeks, forehead and chin, and then evenly distribute by the fingertips from the center to the periphery. Makeup will look natural if the foundation is well feathered and invisible on the skin.

After applying foundation, you can use a liquid tone and powder. However, for young girls and women with good skin a foundation is enough