How stress affects your skin -

How Stress Affects Your Skin - And How to Fix It!


Speaking in the scientific language, stress is a physical, mental, emotional and chemical reaction of the body that scares man, annoys him or threatens him. The stressor itself is just an excuse to start stressing and cause the mental experiences, we do it ourselves. For example, I can quickly remove an inverted cup of tea or coffee. But it is a reason for divorce for my husband. In other words, one stressor causes different reactions.

Categories of Stress:

1. There are stresses that we cannot influence in practice. These are prices, taxes, governments, weather, habits and characters of others. Of course, we can be nervous and swearing about an incompetent driver who created the plug, but we will not achieve anything except a high level of blood pressure and the concentration of adrenaline in the blood.

2. There are stresses that we can and should influence. These are our own affirmative actions, inability to set life goals and set priorities, inability to manage our time as well as various difficulties in interpersonal interaction.

3. There are the events and phenomena that we transform into problems ourselves. These include all kinds of anxiety about the future and feelings about past events that we cannot change.

Signs of stress:

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. Therefore "the facade" is directly related to your health. The indicators of stress are bad color, moisture content, poor elasticity, growths on the skin, dimples, pimples and all that you certainly know how to hide under a cream of layer or powder. Split hair and brittle nails also show that you are stressed. There is neither glance, nor glitter.

One cannot avoid stress in his life. What about celebrities? They meet much more stress in their lives. But many of them look good despite their age. Can we look better if we do not have a solid basket of money? Certainly!  

5 tips on how to look stress-free:

1. Beauty is hard work. If you want to look attractive, take care of yourself! Tend not only to the face, treat the skin of the whole body properly.

2. Beautiful hair with the right color and shape looks great. Groomed hair always makes a person look more attractive and youthful.

3. Cosmetics. You must use natural remedies. Read carefully the list of ingredients before buying the advertised cream or lotion. Avoid unknown manufacturers and deleterious components. Work out several makeup styles for different occasions and do not forget to "keep face". Remember that superimposed makeup provides a nice appearance.

4. Hands. They also show we are in stress. Use a moisturizer that contains vitamin A (retinol) or E and make a light exfoliation to remove dead skin cells every two weeks. Take care of your nails. Manicures make hands younger.

5. Health. Don't forget that you must pay attention to your health! A healthy way of life can make you younger without masking stress repercussions.