Sleep and beautiful skin -

Healthy Sleep - Beautiful Skin!


In accordance with one of the most widespread theories, sleeps main function is the assistance for the body to recover, to compensate the damage that natural biochemical and biological processes cause during wakefulness. Another theory holds that sleep facilitates the body to conserve energy.


While we are sleeping, the rate of metabolism and the body temperature is reduced by 10-12 %. Metabolic processes accelerate at night and activate cell renewal and restoration. Researches found that the skin, blood and brain cells renewal increases by 200-300% and reaches its maximum value approximately at one o'clock. However, staying awake, the stimulative effect of adrenaline and noradrenaline decreases the effect of growth of hormones. Even naps are useless. The lack of sleep leads to dull, faded skin or uneven, dark circles under the eyes.

Wise people advise to divide a day in three equal parts: 8 hours to work, 8 hours to relax, household and sports and 8 hours must be devoted to sleep. People mostly belong to "owls" or "larks", however the "larks" usually have better skin. This is due to the fact that the maximum intensity of skin renewal occurs from ten o'clock in the morning until the evening.

Sleep is necessary for the active work of the skin! The skin is free of makeup, facial muscles are relaxed at night.  Blood rushes to the dermis, collagen production is activated. While the brain sleeps, the skin, on the contrary, works hard. Dreaming, the skin regains its supporting tissues - skin elements that prevent its sagging and the appearance of deep wrinkles.

Night creams improve the skin by reinforcing the process of natural regeneration. Therefore night care products differ from daytime ones. Make sure to avoid skin care products with chemicals that can damage your skin while sleeping.

7 tips to improve your sleep.

1. Go to bed at the same time everyday. You won`t have to "count the sheep" all night long trying to fall asleep.
2. Keep the bedroom window half-open to breath a fresh air. Take a warm blanket if it is cold.
3. Take a shower or a bath not later than 1 hour before the usual sleeping time.
4. Use a comfortable, not very soft bed.
5. Rather solid and low pillow improves the blood circulation of your head and face.
6. Aroma therapy and massages will help you to relax. Don`t avoid aroma lamps and oils.
7. Drink a glass of warm milk with honey or a cup of relaxing tea before going to sleep.

Sweet dreams!