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Why You Need Antioxidants!


According to some online dictionaries, antioxidants are the substances which remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents occur in living organisms.

A very common disadvantage of lack of antioxidants is decrease in elasticity or pliability and skin damage.

As a matter of fact, antioxidants are the natural substances which contain vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants also inhibit oxidation of other molecules; in oxidation transfer of electrons occur from a substance like antioxidant to an oxidizing agent.
Free radicals also produce during oxidation and can start chain reaction in the cell. These chain reactions can cause damage or death of cell. Oxidation in the antioxidant removes/neutralize free radicals.

Antioxidants are organic substances and have been used in many organic skin care products since a long ago like lotions, creams, sunscreens etc.

Some of the antioxidants are Thiols (Thiols are the organosulfur compounds), polyphenols (contain polyphenolic substructure) and ascorbic acid (a form of Vitamin C). It is also a natural occurring organic compound.   

Function OF Antioxidants
The main function of antioxidants is to remove or counter free radicals that can be harmful or can damage DNA, Protein and lipids. These three components provide our body with pliability or flexibility and long life.

What are Free Radicals?
According to modern research, free radicals are the molecules containing unpaired electrons (at least one unpaired electron). Free radicals damage our tissues and result in aging, lack of skin flexibility, wrinkles and dark circles around eyes.  

The consumption of oxygen in our body during respiration produces free radicals which results in aging.

Along with free radicals our body also produces some antioxidant enzymes to remove free radicals with the help of some trace elements (like copper and zinc) and a few nutrients. Free radicals generated by our body are also countered or removed by antioxidants but they are not countered completely and as a result they can cause damage to our skin.

Foods Containing High Antioxidants; Sources and Quantitative Amount
·    Dried Amla berriers contain an excessive amount of antioxidant = 261.53 mmol/100g
·    Wild dried Bilberries also contain 48.32 mmol/100g.
·    Dog rose dried berries also contain a rich amount of antioxidant (78.09mmol/100g)  
·    Roasted coffee beans (black) contain 22.29mmol/100g
·    Green tea (pink) in powder form contain a large amount of antioxidants that is 1347.83mmol/100g
·    Walnut with pellicle contains 25.41mmol/100g and with shell contains 33.09mmol/100g
·    Bacon and eggs, flower (dried) contain 56.10mmol/100g
·    Basil dried contains 30.86mmol/100g
·    Cinnamon dried (ground) contains 139.89mmol/100g
·    Clove dried ground contains 465.32mmol/100g

Food supplements also contain an excessive amount of antioxidants.   


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